Highest Paying Tech Jobs

Highest Paying Tech Jobs

There is a good reason why so many people are interested in the tech industry as a place to work. Not only is it the industry where so much excitement and innovation is taking place, but it is an environment where people are able to work a stable job and make good money.

There is often confusion about the types of tech jobs that offer the best salaries and future progress, and it is a topic the team at Future-Watch finds very interesting, as many readers ask questions in the comments section about the areas of the tech industry where they should try to work.

Here is an assessment of the highest paying tech jobs in 2018 and a brief description of each position.

1. Cybersecurity Engineer

Someone who works at a cybersecurity engineer is an individual who is responsible for designing, developing and fielding the network solutions that companies use to ensure their operations are secure. Since so many companies are using databases to keep all their important files, networks to communicate within the company and with the outside, and websites to offer information or sell products, these avenues must be protected.

A cybersecurity engineer is someone who can ensure that a company is using the best practices to ensure that all their systems are totally secure. These jobs require a lot of experience at a lower level, along with a master’s degree. While it is possible to get the job with a bachelor’s degree, it is a long shot.

2. Systems Administrator

The job description of a systems engineer is someone who is in charge of ensuring that all the computer systems at a company are operating at an ideal level. They will be setting up these systems, maintaining them, installing upgrades, troubleshooting and conducting any other necessary processes related to the systems.

Many large companies will have a dedicated person who is working as the systems administrator. Smaller businesses will rely on outside IT service providers. Many systems administrators can work for those IT service providers, which means they can help to manage the systems at many companies.

3. IT Auditor

The goal of an IT auditor is to improve the internal processes and performances of the system that is in place. They will be assessing the data over the past few months, looking at various problems that emerged and trying to offer recommendations on affordable improvements.

A lot of the work will involve constantly assessing the current system to find faults or inefficiencies. Even the best systems can be improved and that is the job of the IT auditor. They are responsible for making sure that a company is using its resources in the most effective way.

The most common place or an IT auditor to work is at a company in the finance or accounting industry, along with other major corporations.

4. Software Engineer

A software engineer is the person who is in charge of developing and building software for others to use. Software engineers have many opportunities when it comes to finding work.

Some can work freelance, where they are developing software they are passionate about. Others may work for a major company that sells software or services to other businesses. Software engineers may also work for huge companies that have their own software and databases for internal use.

There are many ways to label a software engineer. Even though they use the principles of software engineering in their profession, many like to be called developers or computer programmers. They believe the job is more about programming than engineering

5. Software Architect

A software architect is a bit different from a software engineer or programmer, as they are the person who is handling design and technical decisions behind coding standards and platforms.

It is a very high level position with a high salary to match. And it is a position that can rarely be attained unless someone has extensive experience with programming in the IT industry. But many software engineers do find they can work their way up to being a software architect, if it is the type of job they would prefer.

With each of the above positions, a person can make upward of $120,000 a year. The people who live in a major city will be earning more, as is the case in most industries. These jobs have differing educational and experience requirements. But the one fact in common is that getting a start in the tech industry can lead a person to getting one of these jobs, provided they work and learn in the right way in the next few years.

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