Apple Courts Controversy With “Bent” iPad Pro Admission

Apple Courts Controversy With “Bent” iPad Pro Admission

When Apple announced the latest iPad Pro, it took a lot of people by surprise. The company had gone an extra mile when it came to their flagship tablet of 2018. Not only did it get an entirely new, bezel-less design, but it was also extremely powerful. But that good news has somewhat tapered in the past few weeks, with many complaints about quality control.

iPad Pro – The Best Tablet Ever?

The iPad Pro has been called the best tablet ever released by many people, with good reason. It is a device that has an A12X processor from Apple, which is more powerful than most processors on high-end Ultrabook laptops. It means that it can handle applications, games and rendering at a pace that is only matched by very expensive and thick laptops, or desktop computers!

And Apple has not just got for specs with this tablet. They have also paid a lot of attention to how it looks. The iPad Pro comes in two sizes and they both have a very nice, bezel-less aesthetic. The Touch ID of the previous models is replaced with Face ID, which is also what is present on the latest iPhones. It means someone can unlock the device and sign in without doing more than looking at the tablet!

The Problems Emerge

Even though many reviewers and early buyers were so impressed with the performance and general sleekness of the device, they had some concerns. Apple has gone beyond calling their iPad Pro a tablet. They want people to see it as a laptop replacement. It is possible to buy a detachable keyboard cover that goes with the device. Then it can function like a laptop. But can it?

The iPad does not have any mouse support. It means that touching the interface is the only way to interact with it. And iOS 12 is the same on the iPad Pro as it is on the iPhone, which means that people are still limited to the same dock, no ability to access the file system on the device, and no ability to easily use external storage either.

While there is a USB-C port on the iPad Pro instead of Lightning, it is still limited in what it can do. Plus0Apple made the decision to remove the headphone jack on this model, making sure people have to use USB-C or wireless headphones. It is a decision that makes some sense on phones, but on a tablet that is marketed as a laptop replacement?


It is not the first time that a device bending has been an issue for Apple. It was the iPhone 6 a few years ago that had a problem of getting bent when it was being put in pockets in a certain way.

Apple dismissed that controversy at the time. While they would quietly replace bent models when people went to stores to complain, they did not acknowledge it was a defect. Even though they used much more durable aluminum on the 6s model they released the next year – purely by coincidence!

The latest bending controversy is about the iPad Pro. There are some models that are shipping with a slight bend. And it is because the device is so big and yet so thin.

It is also confirmed through YouTube videos that it is one of the easiest tablets to bend and completely snap into half. There are users who have tested the bendability of this iPad, comparing it to previous models. Those models took a lot more force to bend, which this one can snap with minimal effort.

Many users who have paid close to $1000 for an iPad Pro and various accessories are disappointed in this news. While Apple should be able to accept returns of devices that are bent, it is interesting to see them refuse to acknowledge the bending as a problem.

When Apple was asked by tech sites about the issue, they said they were aware some iPad Pros were shipped with a slight bend. But they said it was a normal situation and not an issue that would impact users.

Slower Sales in 2018

The bendgate for the iPad Pro comes at a bad time for Apple. The company is already dealing with issues of slower iPhone sales compared to the past few years. They have also drawn criticism for the fact their MacBooks and other devices are a lot more expensive compared to previous models. It will be interesting to follow how this news impacts the company in 2019 and beyond.

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