About Us


Hello! We are the team behind Future-Watch.org. Four close friends who recently graduated from college with our computer science degrees, we want to share our passion for technology news with everyone out there. Through Future-Watch, we will be able to give our insights and opinions on the most interesting hardware, software and companies that are making up the tech space in the past few months.

We grew up with technology all around us. Each of us is from a middle class family, which means that we had enough access to computers, gaming systems and other great gadgets to get hooked on tech from an early age. It was common for us to read up on the latest gadgets and to see if we could get our hands on them at first launch.

It is a passion that led each of us to pursuing a computer science degree. While going into computer science has become very popular in the past few years, it was our desire from a young age. And it is also the place where we met, in our freshman classes. We have remained close friends since and always had a desire to start a website where we could share our interest in tech with others.

What has technology meant to us? In some ways, we feel as though technology grew up with us in these past two decades. From faster and smaller computers to high speed internet to the first smartphones, we have seen it all. And it has shaped our lives in ways that we take for granted every single day.

But we also know that not everyone has the same background in tech. There are many people who have only have looked at technology at a superficial level. Now they want to know more. We understand that perspective and we always make sure that articles on Future-Watch are geared to both the casual and advanced person. Those who are trying to learn more about social media, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, self driving cars and other topics will be able to learn a lot from our site.

The transition from college to the workforce has taught each of us a lot. We always looked at the industry from the outside, but now we are in the thick of it. Working hard for our companies also meant that we wanted to create a site that we could treat as our passion project. Future-Watch is the place where we can let our creative juices flow, while informing our readers about the most impactful news that is coming out of the technology industry.

Tech Hobbies

Each of us has so many hobbies that are related to technology. To say that we love to play video games is an understatement. We have spent countless hours geeking out regarding the latest e-sports or AAA game. We all have our “battlestation” computers that we spent so much time and money putting together ourselves. And we have recently gotten into virtual reality games through the Oculus Rift.

Another hobby is to collect interesting pieces of technology that we read about. If there is a gadget that is affordable and interesting, one of us will buy it and add it to our collection. Getting to play with so many gadgets also ensures that we have a better perspective when we are writing articles for the site.

As we get older, we know that our lives will change. We will be in relationships, get married and have children. At least that is the hope! But we want to ensure that our passion for technology and the latest gadgets remains the same. It is why we have committed to running and developing this site for the next few years, at the very least! Running this site hasn’t been easy, but we’ve made it more manageable by drinking heaps of Red Bull, using CBD oils (we use CBD Pure – read a CBDPure review here), rotating jobs between each member effectively and just all round putting in the effort and thinking about the long term results.

We hope that in ten years, we will still be posting frequently on Future-Watch, and that some of the incredible tech advancements that we are reporting about today will be a normal part of our lives. It will be interesting looking back on all the stories we wrote and how we predicted certain tech would impact the future.

The tech space is changing every few months. With new hardware, software and startups, there is always a disruptive force bringing change to the industry. We hope to stay at the cutting edge of this industry and take our readers with us!

Our journey of growing up with tech and going to college has taught us a lot. But we are humble enough to admit that we can never stop learning, especially with so much new technologies coming out every year. We will continue to learn and share our knowledge with Future-Watch readers.