“2012; Prophecies of the
emerging Golden Age”

Global Transformation
and the Enlightenment of Mankind

 Victor Zelikovsky
Publisher:  Metaphysica Publications



Transcending the darkness before the glorious dawn !

The global crisis situation is worsening at an alarming rate
– climate change, droughts, flooding, wars, terrorism … –
drinking water shortages,
major famines, human and
pandemics will soon follow

The established political and economic systems will not be able
to cope with the approaching global mega-crisis.
Their collapse is immanent !

Those who survive the extreme tribulations which are to come and the radical decimation of the world's population, will experience a profound transformation of heart and mind enabling a new social system and a true Golden Age to emerge.

This book presents a thorough socio-economic as well as metaphysical analysis of the current and developing state of world affairs and human evolution in light of the most reliable prophetic information.

Based on lecture material originally presented at the U.N. associated International Centre in Vienna, Austria for the benefit of United Nations & international diplomatic personnel.


Some of the topics covered:

  • The coming World Government & the ‘Antichrist’

  • 666, the ‘Mark of the Beast’ and the computerized global commercial system

  • Chip implants and RFID-tags

  • Terrorism and Islamic Fundamentalism; deliberately instigated?

  • The Resurrection of Communism

  • The Middle East crisis & the Russian intervention

  • The Possibility of an Atomic War

  • The future of Jerusalem and the Rebuilding of the Mosaic Temple

  • 2012; the Maya-Calendar and Prophecies

  • The question of UFOs and a ‘Cosmic Messiah’

  • The spiritual Awakening of Mankind

  • Life in the Golden Age ...

  • How to Survive the coming Global Breakdown

Includes a detailed analysis & comparison of the prophecies of  Michel Nostradamus, Jeane Dixon, Edgar Cayce, the Pyramid Prophecies, Biblical Prophecy, the Mayan Prophecies & other relevant sources.


About the Author

Victor Zelikovsky was born in Hungary in 1948, emigrating with his family to the United States in 1956. He studied Old Testament theology at the Yeshiva Hebrew Academy in New Haven, Conn.;  philosophy and political science at the University of California, Berkeley and UCLA.

Mr. Zelikovsky has been residing in Europe since 1971, and is founder and co-director of the Vienna Metaphysical Society (Wiener Arbeitskreis fuer Metaphysik) Vienna, Austria as well as president of the Metaphysical Society of Switzerland. He also founded of one of the most successful spiritual magazines in Europe.

216 pages, 6.14" x 9.21", perfect binding,
black and white interior ink, 19 Illustrations
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