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Welcome to Future Watch! We are so excited that you have found our website, which is dedicated to providing the latest news and information about the technology industry. It is not your normal tech site, which only focuses on the headline grabbing stories that companies want you to know about. We are tech enthusiasts who go beyond the headlines to find the most interesting scoops.

What is

Founded by a group of recent college graduates, who all possess a degree in computer science, Future-Watch is dedicated to the tech industry. We have been passionate about technology and computers since we were kids. It is a passion that led us to completing our college degrees. As we look for our first jobs and immerse ourselves in the tech world, we wanted to create a site that would be our passion project.

There is always so much going on in the tech world. Between the latest stories surrounding social media sites, new gadgets coming out, virtual reality and similar technologies, and smartphone releases, there is no shortage of exciting information out there. will curate the best content that technology enthusiasts such as ourselves would find interesting.

When we were thinking about an appropriate name for our website, the word “future” kept coming up. Many people think of technology as being about having the latest gadget in their hands. But we see it as so much more. We see how technology is going to completely change the way the world operates in the future. It is why our site is called Future Watch!

Giving Depth to the News

One of the pet peeves that we have with technology news is that it only goes to the surface. We would read a story about a new gadget or software, but rarely find more information on the major sites beyond its name and a few key features. As technology nerds, we know that it is not enough information for people like us.

We wanted to create a site where an enthusiast could go to get the latest news, but could read about it in an in-depth way. Those who only want the headlines will be happy with our site. But if you want the full story, such as the future implications of a gadget or company, then we have got you covered!

It is hard work running a site. But we have a team of computer science professionals who can handle the job without a problem. And we all have a passion for writing, which is why there will never be a shortage of content on the site. Technology has given us so much in our lives. From the games we play to the weed we smoke (thanks WestCoastSupply) and the programs that taught us skills, technology is the key driving force in our lives. Now we get to share our passions through this site.

Join In!

We are always interested to hear from fellow tech geeks! If you have any thoughts about our stories or insight you want to share, feel free to comment. We are also open to suggestions about content for

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The Tech industry is continuously evolving, with new inventions being released and worked on every month. Future Watch keeps you updated with the latest Tech updates.

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